See What I Mean at El Taller Boricua

The La Bruja Project is a series of artistic portraits designed by Oliver Rios, based on and inspired by the poetic works of La Bruja. Each artistic masterpiece is a perfect union of both visual and lyrical imagery, leaving an indelible mark in the contemporary Latino American culture.

Bringing together visual artists and Nuyorican poets, the exhibition explores the elastic nature of verbal and visual language. Relationships between how we see and the way we describe the world around us are malleable and intrinsically connected. Within this discourse, the ongoing contributions and legacy of the Nuyorican poets offer important insight. (Re)inventors of the vernacular, they continually encompass other art mediums and expand the boundaries between that which is seen, said and experienced in culture.

Together with visual artists whose work also exists in a realm between expression and perception, the exhibition fosters an expansive dialogue on familiar socio-political realities and constructs of everyday life such as: identity, economics, interpersonal relationships, public media and government practices. Incorporating sound, installation, video, drawing, collage, found objects as well as digital and traditional print making, “See What I Mean” offers a look beyond the surface of words and images to reveal deeper understandings.





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