The Magic Seed 5.5.16

Hello Members and Supporters,

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!! We are excited that Lydia’s Magic Garden has sprung into production. Our new committees are preparing for a great summer and we welcome all to join. For communications contact Oliver Rios. Alicia Williamson is the contact for our operations committee and Marta Moreno Vega will be in charge of  events and programming. Anyone interested in becoming a member please send request to

Our beautiful Apricot tree is beginning to bloom. While our small Sedum Autumn Joy, brought from the first Magic Garden, has started to sprout and fits right in.

orios-designs-lydias-magic-garden-apricot-02 orios-designs-lydias-magic-garden-apricot orios-designs-lydias-magic-garden-autum-joy

For more information about becoming a member of  Lydia’s Magic Garden, upcoming events, meetings and more follow us on Facebook at


 A Blast From The Past!

Garden Design magazine included Lydia’s Magic Garden in an article published on December 1998. The story called, “Gardens Under Fire”,  depicts the struggle New York City gardeners faced in the 90’s and how each tried to preserve the Casita tradition. Photo’s by Ejlat Feuer.


Lydia Roman (left) always enjoyed spending time with the community. She worked with schools like St Paul’s to teach children the importance of growing organic fruits and vegetables and encouraged a healthier way of living


Photos: Orios Designs©2016


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