Hello Members and Supporters,

We have made lots of progress during the month of March, with the help of NYC Parks and interested group members. We have created group committees that will help make decisions for the 2016 growing season. The Committees are Communications, Membership & Bylaws, Operations, and Events/Programming. Anyone interested in joining please contact Oliver Rios at LMG@oriosdesigns.com for more information on what’s involved.


Thanks to the staff of the NYC Land Restoration Project the repairs needed to the retaining wall at the end of the garden were done. The mulberry tree in the rear corner and the dead trees at the front, were also removed.

lydias-magic-garden-retaining-wall-3 lydias-magic-garden-retaining-wall-2 lydias-magic-garden-retaining-wall-1

For more information about becoming a member of  Lydia’s Magic Garden, upcoming events, meetings and more follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/lydiasmagicgarden


 A Blast From The Past!

On September 22nd 1997 Lydia  Roman was awarded the Certificate for Volunteerism for her hard work and commitment for community gardening. The award, given by Manhatan Borough President Ruth Messinger demonstrates the best in New York City’s volunteer spirit.

ruth messinger award

 Lydia Roman (top) and @MILLY_QUEZADA (right) filming “The 2006 Latin Grammy, segment called, “100 Years of Latinos living in New York” featuring Lydia’s Magic Garden as a prestigious location in El Barrio.


Photos: Orios Designs©2016