40th Anniversary of Earth Day

In Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, Oliver Rios put together an exciting display of work. Creating awareness on the importance of gardens in urban communities and also to motivate residents in supporting those gardens that are still in existence was the focus of the exhibit.

Oliver was able to successfully exhibit his work and celebrate Earth Day with the attendees throughout the evening. Guest on hand were Dos Con Flow, Frankie Velez, Domingo Ramos, the members of White Train, Mara Gittleman from CENYC (The Council on the Environment of New York City), the Staff at Casanova Pendrill, Brian Phillips of Prudential, Peggy Morales State Community Woman 68 and many others. Thanks to Jessica Ramos, founder of Keen Entertainment Group and Edgar Marrera who photographed the event. A special thanks to our sponsors NYCCGC, Letsgogreen.biz, GreenMaps, Arts Alliance, TY KU and Latin Kitchen for sponsoring our event.

Featured in: PR News Wire, The Village Voice,  City Farmers NewsDNAinfo